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IOT VEGA is set of IoT decisions for your business

We - the "Vega-Absolute" company - have been developing and producing electronics that helps our clients to solve high-level business tasks since 1996. We offer a ready-made solutions based on LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT and GSM technologies, which include end devices, gateways, as well as server and client software.

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Vega-Absolute company is located in the Novosibirsk and over three years produces ready LoRaWAN based solutions for Internet of Things, which include end nodes, gateways, free server and client software. Our command have a wide knowledges and experiance in a field of development and producing the intellegence equipment for IoT market, Smart Home and Smart City systems.

Vega-Absolute equipment and software realized according to the LoRa Alliance specification that makes it compatible with all LoRaWAN networks and other manufacturers equipment.

At now in our catalog there is an equipment operated as LoRaWAN technology and NB-IoT. We understand business needs and provide a full manufacturing cycle from developing to serial deliveries. All new designs we test in certified laboratories to be sure in declared characteristics.

Data transmission via the LoRaWAN® protocol is based on the following property of radio systems - communication range increase while transmission speed decrease. LoRaWAN® network uses a «star» topology, where each device communicates directly with the gateway. Urban and regional networks are based on a «star-of-stars» topology.

NB-IoT is another type of LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) data transfer technology with low consumption and wide range. Although NB-IoT is based on LTE technology and operates in the coverage area of mobile operators, nevertheless, this signal differs from the usual LTE. The most important thing about NB-IoT is the ability to work at lower signal and at high noise levels, as well as saving battery. NB-IoT is designed to transmit short messages, and it does not require the transfer of audio-video content and other large files.

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