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Vega BS-2.2 gateway is designed to deploy LoRaWAN® network within 863-870 MHz frequency plan. Gateway is a central element of network deployment based on LoRaWAN® technology and operates like transparent gateway between end nodes and a server.
The gateway is powered and communicates with the server via the Ethernet channel. In addition, BS-2.2 uses a 3G modem which supports the following frequencies:

900 and 2100 MHz

Dual-Band GSM
900 and 1800 MHz

Another feature of the Vega BS-2.2 gateway is the presence of a GPS/GLONASS module.
Vega BS-2.2 gateway has pre-installed firmware based on the Linux operating system.
It is recommended to use the 10 dBi gain antenna 868-01-A10.
The specified characteristics of the communication range were achieved in various full-scale experiments. The actual communication range depends on many factors and requires measurement in specific conditions using network tester. More information about network deployment and recommendations for placing a gateway you could find in the «Network Deployment Manual».


  • Configuring through Ethernet via SSH protocol
  • Pre-installed Packet forwarder software
  • POE-adapter included in delivery set
  • 3G modem
  • GPS antenna
  • LoRaWAN® antenna does not included
  • Mounting to mast-support
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