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IOT Vega Network Server is a tool for management of all-scale LoRaWAN® networks. The server is designed to manage a backbone network of the gateways controlled with the Packet forwarder software (by Semtech), to receive data from the end devices and transmit it to external applications, and to transmit data from external applications to LoRaWAN® devices. The server operates according to the LoRaWAN® 1.02 specification and supports all end devices complying with this version. All data received from the end devices is stored in the database integrated into the IOT Vega Server and is always available for external applications.
With Open API based on the Web Socket technology you can connect external applications to the IOT Vega Server and use LoRaWAN® network capabilities for your projects. The IOT Vega Server is supplied as a console application for Windows and Linux operating systems. We offer an intuitive application IOT Vega Admin Tool with a simple user-friendly interface. Admin Tool provides the server administrator with a wide range of options for LoRaWAN® network management. With AdminTool you can add new LoRaWAN® end devices to the network, view the network map, monitor the gateways, and manage user rights. IOT Vega Admin Tool is a free Web application.

IOT Vega Server is provided free of charge on the following conditions:
The number of connected gateways is unlimited;
The number of connected end devices produced by Vega-Absolute is unlimited;
The number of connected devices of any other manufacturer is not more than 100.

Also, there is an opportunity to purchase an unlimited license to connect more end devices from other manufacturers:
The package of 100 additional devices - $100;
The package of 500 additional devices - $375;
The package of 1000 additional devices - $500.

Some limits for software are listed below:
The maximum frequency of messages received from end devices in the local area network coverage area (coverage area of one Gateway) cannot exceed the value: 10 packets per minute with confirmation and 20 packets per minute without confirmation.
If the communication period for end devices with the server is once a day, the maximum number of such devices in the coverage area of the local network cannot exceed three thousand units.

IOT Vega ServerIOT Vega ServerIOT Vega ServerIOT Vega ServerIOT Vega ServerIOT Vega ServerIOT Vega Server


  • Support of all LoRaWAN® 1.02 end devices
  • Support of Class A and C end devices
  • Integrated database
  • User-friendly administrator application
  • Network mapping
  • Managing of network users
  • Flexible alignment of devices connected to the server
  • Ability to set a custom frequency plan
  • Packets online browsing from each device
  • Communication plots for each device within the network