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Data transmission via the LoRaWAN® protocol is based on the following property of radio systems - communication range increase while transmission speed decrease.

LoRaWAN® network uses a «star» topology, where each device communicates directly with the gateway. Urban and regional networks are based on a «star-of-stars» topology.

LoRaWAN текхнология

The device with the LoRaWAN® module transmits data via a wireless channel to a gateway. The gateway receives signals from all devices within effective range, digitizes and sends them to a remote server via available communication channel (e.g. Ethernet).

The data received by the server is used for displaying, analyzing, reporting and decision-making. The devices are controlled with communication feedback channels.

To transmit data via a wireless channel, an unlicensed frequency spectrum, permitted for free use in the network region is used (e.g. 864-865 MHz).

Дальность связи

Long Range Communication

Receiver high sensitivity and use of LoRa modulation provides stable communication at a distance up to 5 km in restrained urban conditions and up to 15 km within line-of-sight range

Low-power Consumption

The end-device can operate up to 10 years with a 3400 mAh battery due to rapid switch from and back to sleep mode and low power consumption in data receiving and transmitting modes

Заряд батареи
Защита данных

Data Protection

The security of the LoRaWAN® protocol is guaranteed by the following conditions:

  • 64-bit device specific number [EUI 64]
  • 128-bit network connection key [AES 128]
  • 128-bit network application key [AES 128]


A single gateway can serve up to 5,000 end nodes per one km2; and a «star» topology without repeaters makes it easy to extend the network