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The SGBM-1.6 meter is designed to measure the volume of gas when gas consumption by individual consumers in housing and communal services is counted. Accumulated readings are transmitted to the LoRaWAN® network.
Meters are distinguished by the ability to install both on the vertical and horizontal lowering of the gas pipeline. In operation, the meters are not a source of noise, electromagnetic interference, vibration, or gas contamination.
The counter acts as a LoRaWAN® class A device.

Betar-Vega SGBM-1.6Betar-Vega SGBM-1.6Betar-Vega SGBM-1.6Betar-Vega SGBM-1.6


  • Class A
  • Battery powered
  • Frequency plans: RU868, EU868, KZ865 - by default
  • Frequency plans: IN865, AS923, AU915, KR920, US915 - order option
  • Undelivered packets are saved in modem memory (up to 20 entries)
  • Fixation of the external magnetic field influence during more than 5 minutes
  • Temperature measurement
  • Time referencing of readings by internal clock
  • Communication period - 1 time every 3 days by default
  • Readings are made while data transferring
  • ADR support (Adaptive Data Rate)
  • Sending of confirmed packets (configurable)
  • OTAA or ABP activation
  • Two operating modes «Active» and «Storage»
  • Alarm messages in case of emergency
  • Charge measuring of the built-in battery
  • Sensitivity: up to -138dBm
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