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IOT VEGA is the best decision for business

We are convinced that the best solutions have to be no complicated. Our solutions can transform entire industries, that is why we offer you to create the future with us today.

  • Earn on IOT solutions of IoTVega
  • Build LPWAN networks based on LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT technologies
  • Become the first LoRaWAN® operator in your region
  • Introduce the wireless technologies
  • Change the world to the best

Open new horizons

Looking for new ways of development? The Internet of things can be a great starting point, because this is the fastest growing area in IT

Take to the next level

Do you already have your own service or cloud? Connect LPWAN to it and expand your portfolio of solutions

  • 1
    A wide range of quality end equipment
  • 2
    Here you will find the LoRaWAN® gateways, both the simplest and the carrier class
  • 3
    Free software for quick start, small projects and demonstrations of your capabilities today
  • 4
    Fast and qualified support
  • 5
    Complete independence and freedom of choice of hardware and software. Our solutions work in accordance with the open LoRaWAN® standard and are compatible with hardware and software from other manufacturers. And NB-IoT equipment works in the coverage area of any mobile operator.

Special offers

The price is lower, more projects

Uniq solutions

We will help you solve your specific problem

Be the first

All our new products are available first to you.

We will provide technical support and provide all the necessary information so that the integration of IOT VEGA with your company's business processes will the most effective at any stage of their implementation. We will help you develop wireless technologies, find or create solutions, and provide tools for implementing devices and managing them. Moreover, we are ready to provide you with clients and help you build working relationships with other partner companies. The opinion of our partners is important to us - becoming our partner, you get an exceptional opportunity to participate in the development of new devices and improvement of existing.