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The Vega LoRa Scaner application is intended for quick and convenient addition of LoRaWAN end devices Vega-Absolute on the server IoT Vega Server.
For work with application you need QR-code scaner.
So, the application allows you to scan QR-code which every LoRaWAN device of Vega-Absolute production have and which contains all needed information for device registration on the server. After that application can add devices on the sesrver in automatic or hand mode with preset settings.

Vega LoRa ScanerVega LoRa ScanerVega LoRa Scaner


  • Devices added on the Vega Server and Pulse automatically
  • Scanning QR-code of the device
  • Ability to add devices with preset settings on the server
  • Ability to add devices from the file
  • Installation not required