Vega Smart product line includes all sensors needed for providing safety space:
  • doors and windows opening sensor;
  • vibration sensor;
  • infrared movement sensor;
  • leakage sensor.
The doors and windows opening sensor works on the principle of magnet - contact. It consists of two elements, one of which is a magnet, and the other is a modem with a magnetic sensor. When these two elements are closing or opening in space, the device is triggered and sends an alarm to the network.
The vibration sensor has a built-in accelerometer with three sensitivity levels, which allows you to adjust it to the desired vibrations. For example, a sensor can detect by vibration of a glass that it was hit, attempted to break, or broken. Or determine the movement of the safe when trying to move it.
Leakage sensor can be connected to the security input of Vega SI-11 and thus perform connection with server.
When any Vega Smart sensor triggered you can receive a message about it on your phone by using IoT Vega Notifier.