Telemetry of pumping equipment at the tank farm allows to get equipment operation status promptly and encrease work efficiency because of:
  • decreasing downtime as a result of breakages;
  • forecasting breakages and emergencies;
  • planning timely repairs and service;
  • staff reductions.
Result of IoT using is an increase of efficiency of processes monitoring and managing and in the end the profitability increasing.
Equipping the console pump with sensors allows you to receive real-time information about the following working parameters:
  • pump's operation temperature;
  • vibration;
  • the presence of voltage in the mains;
  • level of a cooling liquid;
  • fluid leakages;
  • impurities of dangerous gases in the air;
  • repair needs.
The necessary sensors are installed on the pumping equipment, and then connected to the Vega SI-22 data collection device.
Full description of the solution and actual realization by our partners under the link.