Joint development with our partner AirBit LLC - a personnel monitoring system based on LoRaWAN® technology.
The implementation of this technical solution allows us to increase the safety of employees - reduce the risk of work-related injuries and transmit the location of people to emergency services in case of emergency situations.
Main tasks:
  • track employee attendance automatically online
  • detect the passage of a person with a tracker into prohibited and permitted areas
  • keep time records and monitor work efficiency
  • introduce salary tariffs based on time spent in a particular work area
  • analyze the efficiency of using work space: warehouse, production and office premises
  • record incidents and provide prompt assistance when they occur
To solve these problems, the LoRaWAN® network was deployed and trackers were issued to employees.
The results:
  • Control of the movement of personnel in the territory of production work both indoors and outdoors
  • Continuous receipt, processing and storage of data from the control object
  • Automatic response to incidents and violations. For example, notification in the event of a panic button, a shock, or entry into a restricted area
  • Use of incoming data to automate processes in the company
  • Receive reports on how much time employees spend working in a particular room
Full description of the solution and implementation of our partners via link.