Joint development with our partner OOO Advantum - software and hardware complex for automated control of temperature indicators inside refrigerating chambers, in warehouses and in other premises.
The implementation of this technical solution in the warehouse allows you to receive independent data on the temperature in each cold store, and setting up notifications allows you to track critical violations and control threshold values.
  • Compliance with temperature regimes
  • Prompt notification in case of violation of temperature regimes: e-mail, Telegram
  • Data transfer to corporate systems
  • Online control of remote objects
  • Setting temperature targets for each chamber or room
  • Setting the allowable temperature violation time
To solve these problems, a system was developed that includes TF-1 temperature sensors (optionally - sensors for humidity and opening a door or window), a thermal recorder with ThermoFleet data transfer, the Ref Advantum platform, a WEB version and a mobile application (for the Android system).
  • Fast System Deployment
  • Wireless technologies
  • Multi-point monitoring of temperature and other parameters
  • Data from all refrigerators in one interface
  • Scalability
  • Customization