Vega Smart product line for environment monitoring includes all sensors needed for controlling the parameters in offices, trade areas and store rooms:
  • humidity sensor;
  • temperature sensor;
  • light level sensor;
  • noise level sensor;
  • CO2 concentration sensor;
  • particles concentration sensor.
The Vega Smart line sensors are easy to mount on a flat surface due to the design of the housing with mounting platform. The operating temperature range from -10 to +60 °С allows you to install them both in heated office rooms and in storage rooms with appropriate storage conditions.
For all of the above parameters, you can configure the upper and lower thresholds, upon exiting which the device will send a message to the LoRaWAN® network.
Leakage sensor can be connected to the security input of Vega SI-11 and thus perform connection with server.
In addition, you can receive a message about event on your phone by using IoT Vega Notifier.