Our partners LLC NEKTA, using equipment manufactured by LLC Vega-Absolut, implemented a software solution for monitoring the operation of wells, including their flow rate.
The existing deposits were not connected to the telemechanics system. The existing telemetry system is organized by means of transmitting signals over a radio channel in the range of ultrashort waves at frequencies of 147 - 174 MHz in accordance with the permission to use frequencies and radio frequency channels dated 05/04/2010 valid until 05/03/2020. The permit had to be renewed periodically.
    The objectives of the project were:
  • increase the coverage of the well stock with telemechanics;
  • be able to promptly report incidents;
  • Increase the number of connected devices.
Vega BS-1.2 gateways, as well as SH-2 and TP-11 modems were used to implement the project.
  • no need to obtain a frequency permit and pay for the radio spectrum due to the use of unlicensed frequencies;
  • one base station is capable of serving several thousand devices, due to the large signal coverage and high noise immunity;
  • request BS on 8 independent channels simultaneously
  • low power consumption for end devices due to minimal power consumption for transmitting a small data packet
  • high penetration of the radio signal in urban areas when using sub-GHz frequencies
  • live deployment
  • Easy to customize
  • receiving data from different types of signals and interfaces (analogue, discrete, RS-485 - Maximum number of connected devices up to 32)
  • transfer information about the incident without waiting for the base station to be polled.
Full description of the solution and actual realization by our partners under the link.