OOO Agat (Simferopol) together with STC Integrated Monitoring Systems (St. Petersburg), using equipment manufactured by OOO Vega-Absolute, implemented a project at MMC Norilsk Nickel to deploy a wireless network of thermometric control of frozen soils under the foundations of industrial buildings and structures.
The wired network is regularly damaged by snowplows, while restoring the cable infrastructure due to climatic conditions is costly, and sometimes impossible in a reasonable time.
Taking into account the frequency of measurements (not more than 4 times a day), it was decided to switch thermosensors to the deployed LoRaWAN® network.
Main Tasks:
  • Transfer thermometric measuring points to LoRaWAN® wireless transport without replacing the main equipment and information system;
  • Reduce power consumption.
To solve these problems the software and hardware parts of the SH-2 modem were modified.Project results:
  • Reduced power consumption, solution aligned to LoRaWAN® class A;
  • LoRaWAN wireless network deployed to transmit data from thermosensors.