Our partner PLCSystems OOO, together with TIUS OOO implemented a project for wireless automated monitoring of vibration and temperature parameters of bearings of electric motors, gearboxes and rollers of the NTA-4 unit, which is located in the metal pickling shop (CTM) of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, a group of companies PJSC Severstal.The project was implemented using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, LoRaWAN® wireless data transmission technology and vibration control tools. Within the framework of the project, LoRaWAN® equipment manufactured by Vega-Absolute was used.Main Tasks:
  • Provide remote monitoring of vibration and temperature parameters at the site of the continuous pickling unit (NTA-4);
  • Reduce labor costs for obtaining data and reduce the time for bypassing the territory of the NTA-4 workshop by operational personnel;
  • Based on the data obtained, to provide a forecast of failures and breakdowns of equipment for drive, tensioning, centering devices, as well as critical units of storage carts;
  • To increase the efficiency of analysis and planning of operating modes of the NTA-4 production line;
  • Provide operational personnel with access to information about the operation of the dynamic equipment of the main mechanical units of the production line of the NTA-4 shop.
Project results:
  • Reduced response time to unforeseen breakdowns and accidents of electric motors, gearboxes and rollers by 4 times;
  • This vibration monitoring system provided the client with pre-repair analytics of the unit based on the analysis of the received data;
  • An engine malfunction was detected on Uncoiler No. 1 in a timely manner, which prevented a line failure and a long downtime of the workshop;
  • Improved resource and time planning for scheduled repairs.
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