Our partner PLC Systems together with TIUS successfully implemented a project for wireless automated monitoring of temperature and concentration exhaust gas on rotary kilns VP 1-6, which are located on the territory of lime and dolomite shop of metallurgical plant, Severstal group of companies.

The project was implemented using LoRaWan wireless data transfer technology and equipment manufactured by VEGA-Absolut and gas analytical equipment by Analytpribor.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • Reduce natural gas consumption by adjusting the thermal regime of rotary kilns;
  • Upgrade temperature monitoring equipment of the shop: in front of the filter, loading and hot heads of rotary kilns;
  • Increase the efficiency of components analysis of CO and O2 off-gases;
  • Reduce labor costs.

To solve these tasks, the obsolete temperature registers were replaced, gas analytical equipment cabinets were installed, sampling lines were laid, sampling probes were tapped into rotary furnaces, monitoring of furnace operation parameters was organized, and data transfer and parsing were implemented.

Gas consumption at rotary kilns is reduced by 1.5 times;

  • CO (carbon monoxide) emission into the atmosphere was reduced, and the risk of poisoning of service personnel located in the zone of rotary kiln loading heads by this gas was minimized;
  • Monitoring of the main parameters of rotary kilns operation allowed to control the correctness and timeliness of operators' actions;
  • The system makes it possible to prevent the furnace mode from reaching the limit states, thus saving their technical resource and funds for their subsequent repair and maintenance.

​Full description of the solution and realization of our partners at the link.