As part of a regional project, our partner TatAISEnergo LLC has deployed a LoRaWAN data transmission network, consisting of 138 base stations and covering 502 controlled sections of the heating network.
Problem areas of heating networks are fistulas, gusts and the need for repairs.

The main tasks of the project:
  • Deployment of a private LoRaWAN® network in the service area;
  • Optimization of the number of trips of the emergency repair team;
  • Real-time data monitoring
To implement the project, TatAISEnergo developed a solution using LoRaWAN base stations manufactured by Vega-Absolut LLC. Data collection modems take readings on the heating network section with subsequent accumulation and transmission of this information to the LoRaWAN network, after which the information is processed by a special software product. This solution allows the operator to control the situation in the heating network and make timely decisions.

  • Private LoRaWAN® network deployed, 138 base stations needed to cover the area;
  • Reducing the number of trips of the emergency repair team to measure resistance;
  • Real-time monitoring of heating network data