The solution for automating data collection from heat meters based on Vega-Absolute equipment was successfully implemented by our partner NEKTA together with OOO 'SIBAY-SERVICE' for the management company of the city of Sibay.
The Management Company manages 250 houses. Every month, the engineer of this management company had to go around all the houses to manually connect to the device located in the basement of each house and upload the data for the past month. In the event of a malfunction of the devices, the engineer of the management company could not quickly connect to the device and obtain the necessary information.
    Main tasks of the project:
  • automation of the data collection process from the VKT-7 heat meter;
  • ensuring the safe storage of this information on servers in reliable Data-centers;
  • generation of reports in the shortest possible time in a convenient interface anywhere, anytime, from any device;
  • the ability to request up-to-date information from your devices through the software;
  • possibility to control the calibration date of sensors and flow meters of heat meters in one's equipment fleet;
  • timely notification of the need to replace devices.
To implement the project, four Vega BS-2.2 gateways were used, which completely covered the area where the client's facilities are located and provided the foundation for further scaling of the system. A Vega SI-13-232 converter was connected to each VKT-7 heat meter to organize remote data collection. In addition, during the implementation of the project, it was decided to connect common house water meters.
    The results:
  • provided reliable data transfer to the platform with the ability to upload them in Excel format;
  • wired solutions and manual data collection have been eliminated;
  • a warning system has been set up about the upcoming date of verification or replacement of sensors and flow meters of heat meters.
The project was implemented using NEKTA Cloud, all data from the devices are stored in a reliable DATA-center 'TIER III' (99.9% availability).To date, this case has been successfully implemented and is actively used by the management company in Sibay.
Full description of the solution and actual realization by our partners under the link.